To prevent spots from the inside of body

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If you want to prevent spots efficiently, you should bring down temperature from the inside of bady, because this is a main cause to have spots. I will introduce you 3 ways to prevent spots: 1. To do exercise regularly: To do exercise regularly will bring up very benefits for you, which is detoxicate and febrifuge very good, to passed excrete sweat. On the other hand, it help you heathier,…


2 delicious foods in Singapore

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1. Singapore rice gruel with frog Singapore rice gruel with frog is a good food to remember for ever. Rice gruel is cooked in earthen pot with the specific aroma of frog, small spring onion and fiery taste of dry chillies and fresh chillies. Especially, in Singapore, frog is only cooked when tourists come there. That is very delicious and ensure. You should go to Geylang area to enjoy it….


Eat Better, Look Better

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Would you believe that your diet can make a big difference in keeping a youthful appearance? It seems strange to think that the food we take in could result in fewer wrinkles. Wouldn’t it be better to put things on our skin rather than in our mouths? Well, according to one scientific theory , our bodies start aging because of oxidation. This is caused by certain oxygen-containing molecules in our…


2 wonderful city to travel in Brazil

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Fresh air, gusts of warm air, joyful landscape with old villages, romance beaches, Brazil is a place where you can not miss. 1. Lisbon City   Along the Tagus riverside, near Atlantic, Lisbon has a graceful and fascinating beauty – with ancient palace and magnificent castle, it became the capital of Brazil in 1260. However, all the city was buried by the most frightened earthquake in 1755. After that, Lisbon…